About Us

Montana Automotive Technologies is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. We are supported through community donations, grants, and the sale of completed projects. Our goal is to be self-supporting through our project work.

We are governed by a local Board of Directors and rely exclusively on volunteers who donate their time and expertise to the program.

We also rely on a  National Advisory Board made up of educational leaders, museum directors, business leaders, and people who are knowledgeable in the automotive field whose purpose is to provide guiding principles for our program.

We receive non-financial community support from the Missoula County School District, the Montana Workforce Development Program, the Missoula Police Department, and a number of auto-related shops and businesses in Missoula County. These organizations recognize the quality of our work and assist us in referring students, providing internships, and offering school credit for our program.

For financial support, we rely on private donations from people like you!